Vision Research®



Vision Research® prides itself in the high resolution of its images, the power of its software, the reliability of its products and its high level of attentiveness and dedication to its customers. The company's innovative approach to high speed electronic "digital" imaging was recognized by the US Patent Office and was granted US Patent #5,625,412.

The future holds more technology innovation and unique products from Vision Research. The company's development goals include electronic imaging products with higher resolution and faster frame rates and "smarter" cameras with more powerful and robust software.

Among the many solutions provided by Vision Research® you'll find the Phantom v7.3, our most popular camera, high speed and high sensitivity for more demanding applications.

•Full frame 4:3 aspect ratio CMOS sensor composed of 800 x 600 pixels

•6,688 fps at full resolution speed

•Up to 222,222 fps (standard mode), 500,000 fps (turbo mode) reduced resolution speed

•22 micron pixel for super sensitivity

Also worth mention is the Phantom v12.1, which is the world's first CMOS-based high-speed camera capable of taking 1,000,000 pictures-per-second.

•6,242 frames-per-second at full 1280 x 800 widescreen resolution

•1,000,000 pictures-per-second at reduced resolution

•Unsurpassed light sensitivity

•Sub-microsecond exposure, down to 300 nsec