Falck Schmidt



Electrically Driven Telescopic Masts
FALCK SCHMIDT produce and delivery masts with lifting heights of 0.5 to 20 meters and with payloads up to 2 tons.
Whether you need a smaller Light Weight Mast (LWM), the High Mobility Mast (HMM) or the Elevated Mast Platform (EMP) the program is characterized by low weight, low backlash, patented electrical driven system (with manual backup), very stable and rigid when extracted, infinite variable elevation and limited need for maintenance.

High Mobility Masts and Elevated Mast Platforms HMM+ EMP are the strongest masts in FSDS standard mast program. The masts are fully operational on the move.Operational temperature range: -46 °C do + 70 ° C.Masts have payload leveling, ballistic protection for mast/payload. Masts are fielded and combat proven with various payloads i.e. missiles (Anti-Tank and Surface  to  air), Sensors (Optical, Radar, EW etc.).

MSLP Missile Stand Lifting Platform. An ideal platform for reconnaissance and surveillance manned as well as unmanned in the platform. It is possible to lift up personnel in the armored platform to be able to handle optics, sensors or weapons above obstacles.No hydraulics, fully electro mechanical system running on 28V DC with or without diesel back up.The mobility, short setup time, off road capabilities and stiffness are some of the key values of this product.

Auxiliary Power Units (APU) for Armored Vehicles.The APU has been developed to provide reliable power and best solution for space/weight constraints, and the operational requirements of the vehicle platform. Examples of subsystems are air condition system, observation equipment, fire control systems and possibly a remote weaponsystems.All APU´s operate on logistic diesel.

Cable - Production of cable harnesses, electronics and instrumentation/panels is based on internal development and /or according to design and customer specifications.
Prototype can be developed and designed in accordance with customer.The optimum solution will be provided considering: Cost effectiveness, Quality, Material, Lead time and Life time.

Composite solutions - FSDS invest in the continued development of high-end composite solutions. Examples of developments and products: gear housing and drive shaft - Rotor drive shaft  Aircraft fuel tube system - Helicopter tail boom - Range of lattice/frame struts - Satellite structures and of course the tubes for FSDS own mast solutions.